Independent Film

  Film doesn’t only happen in Hollywood.   Some big movies and popular TV shows have been filmed right here in the Sacramento area over the years, such as “Almost Famous” and “The Mentalist.” As … Continue reading Independent Film

Art Scene

“Excuse me, do you know where I can find an art gallery nearby?”   I was having coffee in midtown when a visitor with a soft, foreign accent asked me where they could find some … Continue reading Art Scene

Food Truck

When I saw eight food trucks in the Lowe’s parking lot in West Sac, I thought “How did I not know about this?”   Every fourth Wednesday, you’ll find a wagon train of food trucks … Continue reading Food Truck

Paths to Improvement

It’s one thing to build a community, and another to maintain or improve it.   West Sacramento is divided into three main sections. The South side, generally referred to as “Southport,” has only been built … Continue reading Paths to Improvement

Startup Culture

  “Startup Culture” refers to the work-world movement towards individuals that work in a collaborative environment, sometimes forming teams that become Startup companies. Startup culture is built on talented free-agents who are looking for meaningful … Continue reading Startup Culture


I love our train station.   The brick exterior, the waxed tile floor, the wooden benches, the chandeliers and high arches, the murals. I have taken the train in and out of Sacramento dozens of … Continue reading Transportation